Study Lounge

Two students study together in the 24/7 study room.

Our Study Lounge is available for use any time of day, any day of the week. Students can work in this space both collaboratively in small groups and quietly on their own in uniquely private study pods. Glass tables allow users to write directly on the surface, and large displays allow easy screen sharing for group work. Dining style seating, lounge seating, and a bartop is available for personal laptops. Creature comforts of the space include a printing station, coffee and food vending machines, and plenty of outlets for mobile devices. For more information about technology in the room, refer to our Technology: Group Study and Collaborative Areas page.

This space was formerly the "24/7 Study Room." The room was so popular that the library made the whole main floor available 24/7.

Guidelines for Use

A valid TU ID is required to access and use the room after the library closes.

Library users will:

  • use their ID for their own access only
  • treat each other with respect and consideration
  • respect personal and public property
  • ensure a safe environment for others
  • comply with library and university policies

Library users must refrain from:

  • behaviors that threaten the personal safety or the security of personal or university property
  • disruptive behaviors including but not limited to hostility, rudeness, or excessive noise due to loud talking, cell phones, or music
  • excessive or inappropriate use of seating and computers
  • inappropriate use of university computing resources including but not limited to equipment tampering, extended recreational use, viewing websites or images that violate university guidelines

Access to and use of Cook Library's Study Lounge is a privilege extended to Towson University students, staff, and faculty. Albert S. Cook Library may limit or refuse access to individuals or groups who fail to comply with these guidelines. Please contact us with any questions.