Our Approach and Principles

In support of our commitment to web accessibility, responsibility will be thoughtfully phased into the libraries’ routine processes at the individual, department, and organization levels, fostering a culture of accessibility that meets the university's Accessibility commitment. The library will work to implement web accessibility best practices in areas that it directly manages. If you encounter any issues with web accessibility, please report an accessibility barrier.
To meet this goal the library advances the following principles:


Creating and maintaining accessible web content is the ongoing responsibility of the entire library.  Departments will have ownership and responsibility for efforts to implement web accessibility best practices where they select, administer, or contribute content to the library's web presence.  This includes content published on the library website, the consideration of web accessibility when purchasing electronic resources, and the production of documents shared internally (between library employees), to the best of our ability.

A Proactive and Incremental Approach

The library, recognizing that it has limited resources, will prioritize work to achieve the greatest impact relative to the effort of its staff. To focus these efforts, the library will revise workflows that will inform future decisions and work. It will prioritize current and future content, over content created in the past, as well as resources, platforms, and services that are critical to student success.

Professional Development and Documentation

Library personnel will be provided assistance understanding this commitment, including workshops related to their role. This effort will be led by a Web Accessibility Team, designated by Library Leadership Council, and in partnership with internal groups such as Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee and Staff Development Committee, and with external groups such as the Office of Technology Services Accessibility and Training.