Group Study and Collaborative Areas

You can find a variety of group study and collaborative work areas in the library, some of which you can reserve in advance or walk in to use if the space is open and unreserved. Group study and collaborative areas are available on the second and fifth floors of the library.

Group Study: Floor 2 

Reserve a Room (Floor 2)

Note: Room reservations available for select rooms, otherwise first-come, first-served

  • iMac and Windows PC computers
  • Cubicles and rooms for group work and conferencing
  • Furnishings on wheels for easy custom configuration of space
  • Each room has glass whiteboards
  • Webcams and Blu-Ray players in the four private rooms

CK 212: Presentation Practice Room

Reserve (Select CK-213I)

Note: Room reservations available, otherwise first-come, first-served

  • Large collaborative display for group work and screen sharing
  • Windows computer (keyboard and mouse available from Circulation Desk on Main Floor)
  • Ceiling mounted camera and microphone for presentation practice
  • Seating for up to 10
  • Large glass whiteboards
  • Group work priority - solo users must yield the space at the request of a group doing collaborative work

CK 512: Mixed Use: Mac Computers in Flexible Spaces

  • Macintosh computers
  • Furnishings on wheels for easy custom configuration of space
  • Available when no class is in session for this room

Study Lounge: Main (3rd) Floor

  • iMac and Windows PC computers
  • Bar seating and private study areas for personal laptops
  • Large collaborative displays for group work and screen sharing
  • Glass whiteboard tabletops
  • Coffee and snack vending machines

CK 202: Graduate Reading Room

Note: This space is reserved for graduate students only, please use your OneCard for access

  • Ten Windows PC computers
  • Comfortable seating available
  • Several large tables for group work
  • Presentation practice space with large screen monitor