Requesting Materials for Purchase by the Library

Each department and program is designated a portion of the annual library materials budget to purchase books and non-print materials that support the curriculum of that academic department. The Acquisitions Department has two deadlines for orders during the fiscal year: November 1 and February 15. Funds needed for the renewal of serials are deducted from the total library materials budget before departmental allocations are made.

Requests for book and non-print (e.g. DVD's, videos) purchases should be sent to your Department Representative to the Library. The Department Representative coordinates the department's selection of materials and submits orders to the library. You may also request materials using the electronic Material Purchase Request Form. Materials are purchased in priority order. You may contact the Acquisitions Department for further information at 410-704-2400.

Many departments have set up a subject profile with the library's major book vendor to receive electronic forms describing new books based on this profile. The Department Representative selects book titles from these e-forms and may return the form to the library electronically or by email for purchase. Contact Whitney Blake (410-704-2582) for questions about your profile or password.

Contact Mary Gilbert (410-704-4926) for further information about acquiring new materials or setting up a subject profile for new books.