Department Representatives

Your Department Representative coordinates the department's selection of materials and submits orders to the library.
Representatives' names and phone numbers for each department.
Departments & Programs Department Representative Name Phone
Accounting Barry Buchoff 410-704-3228
Allied Health Tamara Burton 410-704-3609
Art and Design Karl Fugelso 410-704-2805
Audiology, Speech Language Pathology and Deaf Studies Mark Pellowski 410-704-5899
Biological Sciences Erik Scully 410-704-3012
Chemistry Keith Reber 410-704-2721
Computer and Information Sciences Joyram Chakraborty 410-704-2109
Cultural Studies William Tsitsos 410-704-2355
Dance Vincent Thomas 410-704-2148
E-business and Technology Management Jim Otto 410-704-2088
Early Childhood Education Lea Ann Christenson 410-704-3745
Economics James Manley 410-704-2146
Educational Technology and Literacy Gail Bailey 410-704-2135
Electronic Media and Film Michael Duffy 410-704-2410
Elementary Education Shelly Huggins 410-704-2009
English Adam Jabbur 410-704-3615
Environmental Science and Studies Christopher Salice 410-704-4920
Family Studies and Human Services Amanda Ginter 410-704-2032
Finance Moon-Whoan Rhee 410-704-4075
Foreign Languages Ping Fu 410-704-5371
Forensic Science Mark Profili 410-704-5043
Geography and Environmental Planning Jeremy Tasch 410-704-4270
Gerontology Mary Carter 410-704-4643
Health Science Caroline McNicholas 410-704-3865
History Steve Phillips 410-704-2912
Human Resources Development Bogdan Yamkovenko 410-704-3739
Instructional Leadership and Professional Development Jessica Shiller 410-704-5383
Integrated Homeland Security Management Joseph Clark 410-704-4490
Interdisciplinary Studies Alhena Gadotti 410-704-4898
International Studies Robert Rook 410-704-2128
Jewish Studies Barry Gittlen 410-704-7113
Kinesiology Carol Clafferty 410-704-2377
Law and American Civilization Jack Fruchtman 410-704-3350
Management Lori Ellison 410-704-4926
Marketing Sarah Magnotta 410-704-4073
Mass Communication and Communication Studies Erin Witte 410-704-3195
Mathematics Sergiy Borodachov 410-704-2072
Metropolitan Studies Robert Rook 410-704-2128
Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Bio-Informatics Nadim Alkharouf 410-704-3149
Music Aaron Ziegel 410-704-2679
Nursing Margaret McCormick 410-704-5351
Occupational Therapy and Occupational Science Kathleen Eglseder 410-704-2769
Philosophy and Religious Studies Emily Parker 410-704-2860
Physics, Astronomy, and Geosciences James Overduin 410-704-3624
Political Science Paul McCartney 410-704-5218
Psychology Matt Mychailyszyn 410-704-2002
Secondary Education Jamie Silverman 410-704-2425
Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice William Tsitsos 410-704-2355
Special Education Kandace Hoppin 410-738-3614
Theatre Arts Robyn Quick 410-704-2312
Women's and Gender Studies Kate Wilkinson 410-704-5744