2015 Cohort

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Major Accomplishments

  • Collaborated with 9 different University Departments and student groups including a new partnership with Towson Athletics.
  • Developed the Student Group Spotlight Program. This program will help connect the library with student groups. (To be implemented Spring 2016). 
  • Assisted in the planning and development of the Cook Library Student Advisory Board (To be implemented Spring 2016). 
  • Planned, implemented and assisted with several events in the library including Banned Book Week Mugshots, a Library Button Contest, Academic Resource Fairs, and #30 Days of Thanks.  
  • Authored a blog entry for the Thriving Tiger Blog: The Secret Side of Google.
  • Planned and executed 10 different displays and launched the new Student Display Case on the second floor.
  • Answered over 450 research help questions at the Research Help Desk, around the library and in the Writing Center.
  • Assisted with 9 different classes and workshops
  • Worked with library staff on numerous projects such as a signage study, a social media plagiarism game, website redesign project, and Special Collections digitization and outreach projects. 
  • Increased and helped craft our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Additional details can be found on the individual A-LIST student portfolios.

Ada Leonard 

Mel Lutz

Toan Nguyen

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Find an A-LIST Student Around Campus

Look for their gold shirts in the Library, the Writing Center, and at events around campus

By Appointment

Set up an introduction to the library: a-list@towson.edu