Floor 5

Audio walkthrough

This is an audio walkthrough of Cook Library on the fifth floor.  

Enter from the stairwell or the elevator in the front side of the building. You are now in the lobby. In front of you and to the left are tables and chairs.  In front of you, behind the tables and chairs is Room 500A. To the left of Room 500A are men’s and women’s restrooms and a water fountain.  Turn left and walk forward ten steps.  There may be tables and chairs obstructing your path.  

Walk through the double doors to the main part of the fifth floor. There will be a podium in your path in front of you. To your right is a printing station and Library Classroom 512. Turn left and walk forward following the wall to your left for about 10 steps until you reach a corner.  

In front of you is an entrance to Special Collections & University Archives, room 505, which contains room 505D. 

To your left is a hallway. If you were to turn left and walk about 25 steps down the hallway, you would find a door to enter the Towson Room, room 507. 

Return to the podium. Turn left and walk past the podium down a long aisle, about 60 steps long, leading to the back of the floor. On your right is an area undergoing renovation. On your left is a row of bookcases containing Books and Journals. The books are organized alphabetically by call number, from call number HC, toward the back of the floor, to call number K toward the front of the floor.  Beyond the row of bookcases on your left is a walking aisle.  Beyond the walking aisle are another row of bookcases containing Books and Journals from call number A, near the front of the floor, to call number HC, toward the back wall. 

Walk down the aisle past the row of bookcases.  As you approach the back wall there may be temporary cubicle walls in your path. Straight ahead of you are staff offices, Room 524. To your right are more staff offices in room 513, as well as the back elevator and a door to the back staircase. 

From where you are standing, turn left and walk forward approximately 15 steps. Along your right side there may be temporary cubicles.  Your path will zig zag to the right around another row of bookcases. Along your right side is Library Classroom 526. Walk forward approximately 20 steps. Turn right.  In front of you is a short hallway leading to the Lactation Room 527.  To the left of you is an emergency exit. 
Turn around to face away from the Lactation Room.  Ahead of you is a long aisle that leads back toward the front of the floor.  Walk forward along the aisle for approximately 70 steps. As you walk, there is a designated Quiet Zone of desks and chairs along your right. The end of this aisle leads into a corridor to the emergency exit, on your right.