Floor 3 (Main Floor)

Audio walkthrough

This is an audio walkthrough of Cook Library on the third and main floor. 

Enter from the outside through the double doors to enter the vestibule. Immediately to the right is a door to stairs to the Media Center. From the entrance, to the left you'll smell coffee from Starbucks. From the front of the Starbucks turn right. Walk a few steps. On the left there are two gender inclusive handicap accessible restrooms. Straight ahead is a door to the Study Lounge. If you were to walk through the door into the Study Lounge, you could walk straight ahead to another door that leads to the main part of the library. Trash cans will be on your right and study booths will be on your left. Straight ahead on your left is a printing station.  If you were to walk approximately 10 steps, there would be a nook on your right with three vending machines. There is a fire escape along the far-left wall.

Backtrack to the main entrance. Walk forward from the main entrance and through the double doors into the library lobby. In front of the doors is a security desk that is staffed at night. Directly to the right is CopiesPlus. To your left is a door to a staircase to other floors. Also to your left is an elevator to the other floors in the library. The elevator buttons are approximately three feet above the ground. Walk past the desk through another set of double doors to enter the Academic Commons. 

Walk approximately 8 steps. To the right is the Ask Us desk. Behind the desk are library staff offices, room 311. To the left are Scanning Stations.

Continue walking forward around a soft seating area. To your right is the Check In/Check Out desk. Left of the soft seating area is CK347J, a meeting room, and the back entrance to the Study Lounge.

Continue to the right of the soft seating area for thirty steps. There are rows of public computers on your left. Beyond the computers is the Tutoring and Writing Centers, and rooms 345A through 345L. To the right is the Accessibility & Disability Services testing center.  To the left of the testing center are Accessibility workstations. Beyond the testing center are lockers on the right, and more rows of computers on the left.

Fifteen steps past the lockers is a hallway with access to an elevator, water fountain, and restrooms. Turn left. On your right are WEPA print stations. Go forward 15 steps. On your right is the Tech Services help desk.

Straight ahead is the Academic Advising, Retention, & Completion office, CK 343, and a hallway that continues to the right. Take a right down the hallway and take fifteen steps. To your left are quiet study rooms, CK343Z and CK343Y. To your right are staff meeting rooms CK 342 and CK 340. If you continue down the hallway and to the left at the end, you will find private study booths and private seating on your left, and tall glass windows on your right.