Floor 1

Audio walkthrough

This is an audio walkthrough of Cook Library on the first floor.  

Enter from the stairwell or the elevator in the front side of the building. You are now in a wide hallway. In front of you is a door to the Telecommunications Room.  Turn left and walk forward about 10 steps. You will reach a hallway intersection. Straight ahead of you is Student Computing Services, Room 035. There is a printing station in this room, as well as the entrances to Room 036 and Room 036A.

Turn left in the hallway intersection.  Ahead of you are locked double doors to the Loading Dock, accessible with a swipe of a faculty/staff TU OneCard.

Turn left and walk forward. On your left is a mechanical room. Further down the hallway, on your left, is a staff elevator. The hallway ends in an L shape where you will find men’s and women’s restrooms.

Return back to the hallway intersection with the entrance to Student Computing Services, Room 035, on your left. Walk forward. Double doors to enter the Office of Technology Services (OTS), Room 029 and OTS Staff Offices, Room 028, is straight ahead. Turn left. Walk approximately 40 steps, and pause.

At this point the rest of the hallway makes a large square loop, and you can either go to your left or walk forward from here. For this walkthrough, continue to walk forward approximately 35 steps. On your left is OTS Staff Offices, Room 012 and Room 013. On your right is Room 001 and the elevator.  To the right of the elevator is a nook with Room 003 and a door to the back stairwell and Room 002.

Facing toward the back of the floor, straight ahead is a door to OTS Staff Offices, Room 004.  Turn left and walk forward approximately 20 steps. The hallway ends in a T shape. To your right is Room 005 and an L shaped bend in the hallway that leads to Room 006, followed by men's and women's handicap accessible bathrooms on the right and Room 008 on the left. At the end of the hallway is an emergency exit.

From the T shaped intersection in the hallway, turn left and walk forward. On your right is OTS Staff Offices, Room 011 and Room 015. The hallway ends in 35 steps. At the end of the hallway, turn left. This hallway ends in a T and completes the square loop that was previously mentioned. Turning right will lead back to the front of the floor.  Turning left will take you back around the square loop.