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Audio Walkthrough Floor 2


This is an audio walkthrough of Cook Library on the second floor.

Enter from the stairwell or the elevator in the front side of the building. You are now in the lobby. In front of you and to the left are tables and chairs.  In front of you, behind the tables and chairs are men’s and women’s restrooms and a water fountain.  Turn left and walk forward ten steps.  There will be tables and chairs obstructing your path. When you reach the double doors to the main part of the second floor, turn left before entering. Walk forward to enter an L shaped hallway. To your left are vending machines. Turn left again and on your right will be a door to a room.

Enter the room. On the far wall are Accessibility Stations. On the right and left walls are desks and chairs with computers. The computers on the right wall have GIS software. Immediately to the right, close to the door you just entered, is a door to the Graduate Reading Room, room 203. To the left are double doors to the Library Staff Offices, room 202. 

Exit this room and return to the lobby on this floor. As you return to the lobby, go through the double doors on your left to enter the main part the floor. Walk forward a couple of steps.  A small podium may be in your path. To the right is a door to the Periodicals Reading Room. Enter this room. Straight ahead is a door to Library Classroom 208. To the left of the entrance to the classroom is the Periodicals Desk. Behind the desk is Library Staff Offices, room 209.  Straight past the Periodicals Desk are rows of tables and chairs to either side, and current print periodicals along the far wall to the right. It is possible to walk straight to the doors on the other side of the periodicals room that lead to the back of the floor.

Return to the double doors near the podium, and face away from the double doors. On your left is a leisure reading section. Walk forward. To your right and left are desks and chairs with computers. The aisle between the desks and chairs with computers continues all the way to the back wall. Continue to walk down the aisle. On your right is the wall of the Periodicals Reading Room.  On your left, beyond the tables and chairs, is the Microform section. Continue walking forward.  On your left are bookcases for the Baltimore Hebrew Institute Collection. Beyond the bookcases, on the far left wall, are individual quiet study spaces.

When you approach the back wall, turn right. On your left along the back wall is a door to a room of reservable group study spaces. Another door leads to a Presentation Practice Room. Straight ahead of you is a door to a Quiet Study Room. To the right of this room is an elevator. To the right of the elevator is a door to the Periodicals Reading Room. If you were to enter the Periodicals Reading Room and turn left you would find a door to the staircase on the wall to your left.

Return to the back wall, turn left and walk along the back wall. There may tables and chairs in your path. Walking past the first door to the group study room, you will find a second door to the Group Study room further along the wall. Continuing even further along the back wall, there is a door to an emergency exit.

Once you reach the end of the back wall, turn left. There is a long path in front of you with tables and chairs in your path. If you were to walk forward, you would find bookcases on your left, and individual study spaces on your right. At the end of this aisle is a locked door. To the right of the locked door is an emergency exit.