Baltimore Hebrew Institute Special Collections

BHI Artifacts

A collection of items relating to Jewish history, society, and religious practices including menorahs, scrolls, figurines, and more.

BHI Rare Books

The BHI Rare Books collection includes over 1,000 rare books and a handful of periodicals and manuscripts dating from the 15th to the 20th centuries. The scope of this collection entails Biblical studies, Hasidism, Holocaust material, Jewish art, Jewish history, language and literature, liturgy, Rabbinics, and travel.

Jewish Cultural Reconstruction (JCR) books

A subset of the BHI Rare Books Collection, JCR books were gifted to the Baltimore Hebrew College sometime between 1949 and 1952 as part of the efforts of the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction, Inc., to distribute heirless items confiscated by Nazi Germany among centers of Judaism and Jewish learning. JCR books are identified with a blue book plate on the inside front cover.

Baltimore Hebrew University Course Catalogs and Syllabi

Course catalogs and class syllabi from the Baltimore Hebrew University dated from 1965 until 2008.

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

The Holocaust Survivor Testimonies collection consists of accounts from émigrés from the Nazi threat, survivors of concentration camps and servicemen who helped liberate the camps. They are included in the more than 4,500 testimonies in the Fortunoff Video Archive at Yale University and can be requested to view in Special Collections and University Archives on Floor 5 of Cook Library.

Yizkor (Memorial) Books

These memorial books were compiled by survivors of the Nazi regime in an effort to to commemorate those who perished and to remember the cities and towns that once flourished. The BHI collection has approximately 130 yizkor books, located in the BHI stacks on Floor 2 of Cook Library.