ScholarWorks@Towson FAQ

What kinds of items can be submitted to ScholarWorks@Towson?

ScholarWorks@Towson welcomes any piece of scholarly work, no matter the format (as long as there is a digital version to upload to and display on the repository), produced by anyone affiliated with Towson University.

Additionally, any department within Towson University may use the repository to house, collect, and display administrative items.

If you have a question about adding documents to ScholarWorks@Towson for the purpose of records retention, contact the Towson University Special Collections and Archives Department at

I have an item that I created with a colleague from another department that we would like to submit to ScholarWorks@Towson. Which collection should I submit it to?

Items can “live” in multiple collections within ScholarWorks@Towson. If, after submitting an item to one collection, you would like the item to be listed in an additional collection, contact

I want to submit something, but I don’t see an appropriate collection to submit it to.

If you are unsure about the best collection for an item, contact your liaison librarian to discuss the potential options.

Alternatively, if your department is not represented in ScholarWorks@Towson, or if you would like to suggest adding a new collection to the repository, contact

I want to change some of the information I entered when I submitted my item. How do I do that?

After an item is submitted to the repository, only the repository administrators can make changes to the item’s metadata. To request changes, contact

Who makes sure that I have the appropriate rights to submit an item to ScholarWorks@Towson?

It is up to the person who submits an item to ScholarWorks@Towson, and agrees to the license agreement, to determine what rights s/he has to submit an item to the repository. The submitter takes responsibility for determining the appropriate rights and for accepting the consequences of any violations of those rights.