Mission and Vision


Albert S. Cook Library supports and enhances the learning, teaching, and scholarship of the Towson University community, facilitating intellectual inquiry, inspiring innovation, fostering effective collaboration, and creating pathways to lifelong discovery.


Albert S. Cook Library will be a vibrant, accessible, academically central enterprise for intellectual inquiry, connecting people and ideas, and facilitating the continual discovery, creation, and exchange of knowledge. Within a dynamic information environment, Cook Library will enhance the academic and scholarly endeavors of students, faculty and staff by employing innovative approaches for user-centered services; streamlining access to information and scholarly resources; and fostering lifelong learning.

Strategic Plan

The Library has developed a strategic plan to fit within the metropolitan and academic vision developed by Towson University. The Library's plan addresses seven strategic priorities: Organization; Human Resources; Teaching & Learning Center; Service, Resources, & Programs; Facilities; Metropolitan; and Financial & Resource Support.