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Priorities and Goals FY 2019 - FY 2021

1. Align services & Resources with evolving academic needs & priorities

  1. Expand support for faculty research & teaching
  2. Expand support for student-conducted research

2. Support diversity, inclusion, accessibility & equity

  1. Implement Library Diversity Plan 2018-2021

3. Foster community engagement and holistic partnerships

  1. Create & implement a plan for outreach & engagement with the PK-12 community

  2. Expand partnerships with other Maryland libraries, including non-academic libraries

  3. Create and implement a plan for hiring and supporting individuals with disabilities

4. Nurture employee & organizational health

  1. Create & implement robust employee recognition program
  2. Create & implement a plan to foster leadership development across the library
  3. Examine and realign organization to be flexible, agile and forward looking

5. Communicate our value

  1. Assess how the library adds value to the university, broader community, and state
  2. Create & implement a plan to communicate the value of the library to our stakeholders