Submitting to ScholarWorks@Towson

1.   Log into your account on the ScholarWorks@Towson website (link to submission site).

2.   Under "My Account" on the right-hand side, click the "Submissions" link.

3.   Click on the "start a new submission" link.

4.   Choose the collection to which you would like to submit your material. If the collection you want to submit to is not listed, contact

5.   Fill out as much of the description as you can. Only the title and type are required, however the more description you provide the more likely your item will appear in search results.

When entering multiple names in the authors, contributors, and advisors fields, type one name at a time in the text boxes, and then click "Add" for each name. Use the Input Guidelines to find descriptions and definitions of each field.

When finished, click "Next."

6.   Provide keywords and an abstract for your item. Again, provide as much information as you can.

7.   Upload the file(s) associated with your item and provide a file description. For example, you may want to upload both a paper and an associated dataset separately under the same item.

If you do not add a file description, the orignal file name will appear.

8.   Review the submission to make sure that everything is correct. Click "Correct one of these" to make any changes. It is much easier to make corrections at this stage than it is after you upload the item.

9.   You must grant the library permission to publish your item in the institutional repository. You must also agree that you are the sole or joint copyright owner for the item or that you have written permission from the copyright owner to upload the item to ScholarWorks@Towson. After reading the license and checking "I Grant the License", click the "Complete submission" button to finish.

10.  Upon completion, a librarian will review your submission. You will receive an email when your submission has been approved.