Library Liaison Program

The Liaison Program promotes a partnership between the academic departments and librarians to improve learning and teaching in the University. In this partnership the librarian's expertise in information resources complements the subject knowledge of the faculty.

Librarians are assigned to specific academic departments/programs to work with faculty to identify the department's information needs and priorities. 

Liaison services

  • Apprise faculty of library services and new information sources, such as databases; informing faculty of new sources that might be useful in a faculty member's fields of research; attending departmental meetings when possible.

  • Work with departmental faculty to learn about departmental goals and curriculum and course assignments as they relate to the library.

  • Work closely with the department's assigned Library Representative in an academic department on current acquisitions; adding materials that support international, multi-cultural, ethnic, women's issues in the academic areas for which liaison librarians are responsible.

  • Support distance education courses that the department is offering by customizing library support services for those courses.

  • Contributing to Research Guides and Course Guides in the liaison area for which a librarian is responsible.

Librarian liaison assignments
Programs Name Emailsort descending Phone
Educational Technology & Literacy Minter, Alyse 410-704-5169
Instructional Leadership & Professional Development Minter, Alyse 410-704-5169
English Zukowski, Adam 410-704-5318
Applied Adult Disability Studies Holmes, Claire 410-704-3795
Special Education Holmes, Claire 410-704-3795
Geography & Environmental Planning Olson, Carl 410-704-3267
Philosophy and Religious Studies Olson, Carl 410-704-3267
Physics, Astronomy, & Geosciences Olson, Carl 410-704-3267
Nursing Tomlinson, Carissa 410-704-3359
History DeCoster, Elizabeth 410-704-6075
Jewish Studies Mael, Elaine 410-704-2400
Women's Studies Caffrey, Julia 410-704-4895
Mass Communication & Communication Studies Garczynski, Joyce 410-704-5168
Psychology Miller, Kimberly 410-704-6324
Biological Sciences Putnam, Laksamee 410-704-3746
Chemistry Putnam, Laksamee 410-704-3746
Environmental Science & Studies Putnam, Laksamee 410-704-3746
Forensic Science Putnam, Laksamee 410-704-3746
Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, & Bio-Informatics Putnam, Laksamee 410-704-3746
Dance Woznicki, Lisa 410-704-2498
Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Woznicki, Lisa 410-704-2498
Music Woznicki, Lisa 410-704-2498
Theatre Arts Woznicki, Lisa 410-704-2498
Elementary Education DesHarnais, Miriam 410-704-4432
Secondary Education DesHarnais, Miriam 410-704-4432
Early Childhood Education DesHarnais, Miriam 410-704-4432
Foreign Languages Gilbert, Mary 410-704-4926
Interdisciplinary Studies Gilbert, Mary 410-704-4926
Electronic Media & Film Ranadive, Mary 410-704-2618
English Davis, Rick 410-704-2686
Cultural Studies Arnold-Garza, Sara 410-704-3963
International Studies Arnold-Garza, Sara 410-704-3963
Law & American Civilization Arnold-Garza, Sara 410-704-3963
Metropolitan Studies Arnold-Garza, Sara 410-704-3963
Political Science Arnold-Garza, Sara 410-704-3963
Allied Health Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Applied Adult Disability Studies Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Audiology, Speech Language Pathology & Deaf Studies Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Gerontology Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Health Care Management Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Health Science Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Integrated Homeland Security Management Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Occupational Therapy & Occupational Science Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Physician Assistant Studies Crest, Sarah 410-704-4725
Marketing Gass, Shana 410-704-2395
Accounting Gass, Shana 410-704-2395
E-business and Technology Management Gass, Shana 410-704-2395
Economics Gass, Shana 410-704-2395
Finance Gass, Shana 410-704-2395
Human Resources Development Gass, Shana 410-704-2395
Management Gass, Shana 410-704-2395
Art & Design Gilchrist, Sarah 410-704-5326
Art Education Gilchrist, Sarah 410-704-5326
Art History Gilchrist, Sarah 410-704-5326
Family Studies & Human Services Sweeney, Lisa 410-704-5325
Kinesiology Sweeney, Lisa 410-704-5325
Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice Sweeney, Lisa 410-704-5325
Computer & Information Sciences Helman, William 410-704-5748
Mathematics Helman, William 410-704-5748