Journal Cancellation Project

FY 2017

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Reason for Journal Cancellations

Given the library's static collection budget and price increases, we must reduce collection expenditures by approximately $350,000. In order to reduce library expenditures by this amount, we must cancel journal subscriptions.

Goal for Cancellation Project

In order to meet the $350,000 expenditure reduction, the library's objective will be to focus on access versus ownership. The impact of these cancellations will be minimized by providing access through currently subscribed aggregator databases, JSTOR, and library support for increased Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

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Steps the library has already taken to reduce the journals budget

Each year, the library compiles usage statistics, or cost per use (CPU), to identify under-used titles. In 2012, the library undertook its first cancellation project in 20 years, identifying low-use titles, and switching titles from print to electronic when possible, for a cost-savings of close to $100,000. Continued journal inflation at a rate of 6 to 12 %, however, has eroded any savings from this reduction.