Student-made hearts and stars on the library door between the 3rd floor and the main lobby

National Library Week at Cook Library

Every April, the American Library Association sponsors National Library Week in celebration of the many ways libraries positively impact communities. This year, libraries of all types celebrated April 7 through April 13 with the theme “Libraries = Strong Communities.” In honor of the tremendous work that all library employees do and the invaluable resources that libraries make available to their respective communities, Albert S. Cook Library offered several activities to commemorate the week.

For National Library Week, craft supplies were available for visitors to Cook Library so they could create a Library Valentine—what they love about Cook and how the Library helps them—or a Library Wish—an aspirational idea for Cook Library. Students, faculty, staff and visitors created Valentines and Wishes with doilies, colorful paper, and stickers, some of which were created from images of items in Special Collections and University Archives.

Cook Library also was active on social media throughout the week. Kelsey Guerinot, the A-LIST Student with Social Media and Marketing Responsibilities, created a Snapchat GeoFilter. Those with the Snapchat app who were in the Cook Library building during the week could add a fun and colorful frame to the pictures they uploaded to the app. Guerinot took over TU’s Snapchat account during the week as well. She interviewed students, asked them what they loved about Cook, and posted the video on TU’s account. Both the GeoFilter and the takeover not only allowed visitors to show their support for the Library, it raised awareness of the National Library Week celebrations.

In addition, Tuesday, April 9 was National Library Workers Day. Dean Deborah A. Nolan brought in treats for the Library staff to show appreciation for all that they do.

The celebratory events of National Library Week offered fresh opportunities to reinforce the already positive and strong relationships between the Library and its staff with students, faculty, and the community. Cook Library looks forward to celebrating National Library Week again next year.

Written by Eden Parks


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