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The End of the “Cook Notes” Era

Back in 2010, Librarian Joyce Garczynski was in search of a new way to share news about what was happening at the Library. “I was a new librarian and new to TU at that time,” said Garczynski. “I wasn’t sure what was possible, but I thought we should at least try to see if we could make an e-newsletter work.” It was from this early brainstorm that the Library’s e-newsletter, “Cook Notes”, was born.

Garczynski approached TU’s Creative Services and worked closely with designer Eleni Swengler, who modeled the design of first template after the Library’s award-winning brochure. The plan was to enlist interested members of the Library’s Marketing Committee to author the content which included four articles, an upcoming events listing, and other short segments about Library resources per issue. “Cook Notes” would be published three times a year and would be distributed by email to TU faculty, staff, and alumni.

The first issue debuted in February 2011 and since then, Library staff have published 25 issues of “Cook Notes.” Over time, the design has changed to keep up with campus technology and the authors have changed as Library staff have left; but for the most part, the newsletter has remained relatively constant.

That is about to change. This issue will be the final edition of Cook Notes.

Garczynski said she felt like it was time. She noted that with the expansion of the Library’s social media presence, there is less demand for the more in-depth contents that “Cook Notes” provides. Also, Garczynski said that technology changes had made it more challenging to get each issue’s content ready for publication. “Our staff would spend hours upon hours trying to get our template to display correctly,” noted Garczynski. “With less demand and more challenges, we need to move on.”

Instead, the Library will transition to an annual report that will describe their progress towards their strategic goals. Garczynski hopes that the annual report will better enable the Library to show how they have contributed to student learning and the overall mission of the University.

“This transition is certainly bittersweet,” said Garczynski. “I will miss sharing the stories of all of my colleagues’ great work, but I think the new annual report format will better fit our evolving communication needs.”

Written by Joyce Garczynski


The End of the “Cook Notes” Era

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