Library Committees

Cook Library strongly supports shared governance and teamwork through cross-departmental committees, which plan and implement work that involves the Library as a whole. The Committee Chair is appointed by the University Librarian, and staff serve for up to 3 consecutive year-long terms on a committee. This rotation provides fresh perspectives to the committee, adds variety to the responsibilities of the staff member, as well as broadening his/her knowledge of the organization. Through participation on library committees, Cook Library staff have a vital part in the effective operation of the Library, the accomplishment of important initiatives, and the Library’s growth as a learning organization.

The Assessment Committee develops and implements a plan to assess the library’s services, information literacy instruction, resources, access to information, and facilities.

Chair: Mary Ranadive

The Building Support Committee monitors the appearance and physical operation of the library building, and informs library administration of concerns that need attention. 

Chair: Cynthia Baker

The Calendar Committee recommends library hours for the academic year, exam weeks, summer school, minimester and intersessions.

Chair: Andrew Yager

The Disaster Recovery Team leads and coordinates implementation of the library’s Disaster Recovery Plan in response to disasters that could harm or damage the library’s collections.

Chair: Ashley Todd-Diaz

The Employee Recognition Committee explores, develops and helps implement strategies for acknowledging and showing appreciation for library employees.

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Committee (IDEA) promotes and develops conversations and collaborations surrounding issues of diversity and inclusion in the library and across campus.

Chair: Sara Arnold-Garza

The Library Advisory Council has several purposes: to serve as an information channel between the library, faculty and students in the planning and development of programs and services to meet the needs of the University; to advocate for University resources to support the Library collections and services; to advocate for the integration of information literacy and library instruction into the academic programs; and to provide a forum review and discussion of new library initiatives.

Under the leadership of the Dean of University Libraries, the Management Council discusses and determines the Library's course of action on various issues related to the University and the Library. The Management Council includes the Dean, the Associate University Librarian for Administrative Services, department heads and a staff representative, who provides another two-way communication link between staff and management.  The staff representative is nominated and elected annually by library employees.

Chair: Deborah Nolan

The Marketing Committee develops and implements strategies to promote the Albert S. Cook Library to the campus and external community.

Chair: Joyce Garczynski

The Librarian Promotion and Permanent Status Review Committee assesses and reports on the accomplishments of each candidate within the criteria defined in the "Procedures and Criteria for Librarian Evaluation, Promotion, and Permanent Status" (Appendix 2 to the Towson University Policy on Appointment, Rank and Tenure of Faculty) and provides to the Dean of University Libraries an objective, thorough evaluation of the candidate's qualifications in meeting promotion or permanent status criteria.

Chair: Lisa Woznicki

The Staff Development Committee promotes and develops opportunities for the entire staff to update skills, explore the latest innovations in academic libraries and understand the broader environment of higher education.

The Staff Development Funding committee reviews requests for funding support to individuals for staff development activities such as attending workshops and conferences.  Review and recommendations are made in accordance with established guidelines.

Chair: Rick Davis

The Staff Lounge Committee coordinates the general upkeep of the staff lounge for the faculty and staff who work in Cook Library.

The Technology Committee researches, explores and presents ideas for new technology initiatives.  The committee develops and recommends the library's annual technology plan.

Chair: William Helman

The TU-USMAI Committee discusses USMAI activities and proposals and makes recommendations based on the needs and priorities of Towson University.

Chair: Mary Gilbert

A category for staff who do not have current committee assignments. Most likely used for new employees.

The purpose of the User Experience (UX) committee is to identify & study issues relating to patrons’ experiences of the library, its resources, & its services.  As advocates of UX methods & philosophies, committee members employ user research & user-centered design methods to holistically craft the structure, context, modes of interaction, & aesthetic & emotional aspects of the library experience in order to facilitate satisfaction & ease of use.  The committee makes & implements recommendations that improve the experiences of the library’s physical & virtual users. 

Chair: Kimberly Miller